I got a lot of e-mails about why I don’t give new ideas in the Forex market anymore? Because lot of people are liked (you told me, maybe others don’t liked it, because of their loss..)   🙂
The answer #1: I was sick, I was in a hospital for weeks…  Now I have no joy to watch it.
The answer #2: I have enough about the Forex markets.
I had profits from it, because I was relatively “smart”, but the most of the brokerage companies are Scam.
Market maker, or ECN (or whatever the new label)? Same shit, I think. Honest or crook? That’s my point is!
It doesn’t matter if it’s an ECN if their goal is to grab your money, ant their can be a Market Maker if they are honest…
Everyone must have to learn his own lessons, I hope you did.
Charts, drawings, formations are working? Is anybody here who is an active trader?
Okay…  I have no more energy and time for the charts. Indicators? Robots? Are you joke with me? What is the trend now?
I will stay in my old fashioned way. Same old, same old. Just look at the chart, and watch the possible setup. To give a chance….
And I will share my ideas. Sometimes publicly, sometimes for my clients only. And what? Hundreds of lots yesterday and today are the results…
I trust in my eyes yet….  🙂
That was my thoughts for today.  🙂
Good Luck guys

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