SWING TRADING ideas on the TELEGRAM channel

Focus on all pairs, index, gold etc …..
I recommend a stop level for each position.
The ideas are published in the Telegram group.
Target prices are possible or I will send if I close

I don’t prefer too many entry signals.
Few signals with conservative thinking

Preferred instruments:

All currency pairs
all indexes
all other instruments are possible

Entry level (in real time on the Telegram channel)
Usually 1 or 2 target price levels
stop level

fee is only $ 33
Go to the club and trade with me


The club is not about money
I’m not writing to you that your donation has expired
If it’s worth it to you, donate via the Paypal link
If it’s not worth it to you, you won’t watch the channel

simple and fair system

A klub nem a pénzről szól
Nem írok neked hogy az adományod lejárt
Ha neked megéri,adományozol a Paypal linken
Ha neked nem éri meg,nem nézed a csatornát
egyszerű és igazságos rendszer


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