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24 thoughts on “TESTIMONIAL

  1. Very usefull service. Everything you can ride on the blog is true. He is really good about trading. I earned and learned a lot following this service, that’s the perfect thing, while you are learning you also earn money thanks to the forex alerts that Akos send every day. Akos is really available and kind.
    Thanks a lot!
    Regards from Italy

  2. We used Akos-signals for weeks.
    All signal was clearly accurate with stops and targets.
    Emails are arrived fast. Sometimes we moved the stops in time as Akos suggested. The activity was profitable at all. We will continue this partnership anyway.
    Powertrade Systems LLC

  3. Thanks for your teaching. Your signal is very clear promptly. I am very impressive how you managed all your trades. Moreover, it is profitable when I apply the trades. I do believe he is a very good money management person. Awesome guy!!!

  4. As I have said in many forums where appropriate, I have profited from Akos’s signals for nearly 6 months now. No doubt the best signal service I have ever subscribed to.
    My wish is …Akos, provide us with a copier service!

  5. I have only been with Akos for a couple of weeks,but if the results so far are any indication,I will be with this service for a long time……..Thanks Akos:-)


  6. I think Akos Jacab is the best trader alive nowadays. He is sending extremely accurate signals, replies promptly to all emails and questions, very helpful and caring, and I have recently been introduced to Lazlo who is a great teacher and trader. Their mentoring course is great too.

  7. Glad to hear that copier service is on the way – I think this will be very popular and I will definitely be a client. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to follow the signals so the copier service would be perfect. Do you know when you might be offering this?

    1. The same reason i left his service….otherwise eberything else is perfect….as soon as copier is back…i am gonna subcribe and bring many other traders from my newslelleter membership to join as well.

  8. Very kind and knowledgeable analyst. He knows what he is doing. Shows trust in all his setups. Initially, when I started, I was a bit nervous but his confidence inspired me and convinced me that I am very well taken care of. I hope for the best in his life. God bless Akos.

  9. thanks, have been using the trading ideas with very good results!!, the signals may or not come often unless they are accurate, given how important it is to always manage risk, which is a good thing as patient traders like akos are usually more often right than wrong in finding the best trades!

    look forward to many more signals!

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